Buzz Points Debit Rewards Program

Buzz Points is HarborOne's debit card rewards program that allows customers to earn points toward rewards and charitable donations, everywhere and every time you shop when using a HarborOne debit card.

It's Fast and Easy to Enroll.

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How it Works
  • Sign up for Buzz Points and link your eligible debit card to your profile
  • Earn points on every purchase you make using your HarborOne Bank debit card
  • Get more points when you shop at HarborOne Bank Preferred Business.
  • Redeem your points for Rewards at Preferred Businesses, eGift Card or charitable donation

It's easy to Redeem
  1. Use your points to purchase a reward
  2. Make a qualifying purchase with your linked card and run it as credit
  3. You'll see a credit from Buzz Points in your HarborOne Bank account at the beginning of the following month

Redeem for Great Rewards

The average Buzz Points user earns over $40 in rewards without changing their spending habits.

  • Preferred Business: Link: Link to your enrolled card
  • eGift Cards: Delivered as a digital Gift Card
  • Charity: Redeem points for a donation to a local charities for best vaulue for your points

Buzz Points Mobile App
Track your points and redeem for rewards on-the-go with the Buzz Points app, available for iPhone and Android.
Need help joining Buzz Points?
Contact Customer Support by email at or by phone at 1-877-577-2899 (BUZZ) and a real person will answer your questions.