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Refreshing your website

If you think it’s time to refresh your website or build your online presence, you’re probably right. Technologies and algorithms change so fast it’s often worthwhile to re-look at all your online tactics at least every two or three years (if not every year).

Double check the basics

It’s easy to leave your website languishing once it’s up and running, especially if you don’t rely on it for direct sales. But most prospective customers will go online and research you, your competitors and alternatives regardless of what type of business you have. One way to put them off is an old website with dated content and an old design.

To refresh your website we suggest:

  • Think about a rebrand or at least a brand wash. Your website or online store might be the only place your customers interact with your business, so make sure every page of your website looks, sounds and feels the same (colors, design, font, tone of voice, imagery and videos).
  • Ensure you have relevant and recent content. Quality photos, videos, images, how-to guides, e-books, downloads, customer case studies and testimonials all add to your story.
  • Check the functionality. If you’re selling online, make sure you have a smooth supply and distribution process in place and set up an automated email process that covers order confirmation, invoice and receipt, shipping notifications and feedback requests.
  • Your website is optimized for speed. Most customers will decide within moments whether they want to stay, browse, read, interact or purchase on a website, which is why speed and performance are so important.
  • Make it mobile-friendly. Consumers will stop engaging with a site if its content doesn’t display correctly on their mobile. Use the ‘thumb scroll test’ to check.
  • Include calls to action. To convert a visitor into a customer, you need to point them in the right direction. Perhaps it’s a button that says ‘buy now’, ‘make an appointment’, 'contact us' or a chat bot for further engagement.
  • Add a search function. Customers expect to be able to visit a site and search for what they want.
  • Make your site engaging with relevant quizzes, events, webinars, competitions, calculators or polls.

Reviewing your security

The safekeeping of customer information is critical to your success in the digital world as a data breach can severely impact your reputation and even have financial implications. Some best practices to avoid a data breach are:

  • Check your website is secured with SSL encryption by checking your website address has an ‘s’ (https and not http) or a padlock symbol. This communicates the information your website sends, like credit card details, is encrypted, or scrambled.
  • Ensure that customer card information stored, processed or transmitted by you or your service providers is encrypted and compliant in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  • Have the latest version of third-party applications, browsers and shopping carts and you are up to date with security patches.
  • Monitor your website for unfamiliar activity, content or links that indicate your website has been compromised and take action to remedy any issues.

Positioning for search engine optimization

Search algorithms use a range of signals to compile their results, and those signals are always evolving. When people search they tend to type in ‘key’ words, which the search engine then uses to scan the internet to find websites and content that feature those keywords, displaying the most relevant examples. To be among those examples, you need those relevant keywords to be on your website.

To help get to the top of search engines:

  • Use a keyword research tool and include these keywords in your copy, title tags, heading tags and meta descriptions (the words and explanations you see on search results that tell people what the page is all about).
  • Have any partners, customers or media include links to your website (search engines will think your site is more credible) and link back to your website from your own social media profile.
  • Publish content. Blog posts, articles, videos, e-books, infographics; anything that results in a higher level of engagement.
  • Update your details on Google’s My Business listing like address, contact details, and opening hours so that it automatically comes up on searches and Maps.
  • Add customer reviews on your site or online marketplaces.

Using email marketing

Email marketing can be an effective (and cost-efficient) way of communicating an array of messages to customers - whether it’s to promote new products, business updates, sales and discounts, events or customer surveys that can help you gain insights.

A customer database is a key asset for any business and there are a number of email providers like Mailchimp who offer email templates and easy-to-use marketing tools. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like HubSpot offer automation processes that can help manage your database and personalise communications.

Some email tips from us:

  • Only send relevant offers to consenting recipients and include an unsubscribe function
  • Tell the recipient who you are and apply a 'truth in advertising' doctrine by explaining clearly why you are contacting them.
  • Include your branding and keep key aspects of the design consistent across emails (logo placement, font etc) so customers recognize it’s from you


Set a time every year to refresh your website, and if you’re able, review your web data on a regular basis (which, depending on your business, could be daily, weekly, or monthly). Ultimately your website needs to do what it’s supposed to. It could be to convert leads to customers, have prospects sign up for a demo, educate customers on your products or sell directly via shopping carts or bookings. If you’re not getting the results you need, it’s a sign to change something (and maybe everything). Seek professional help if you’re unsure what steps you need to take.

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