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To help protect you from online banking fraud and identify theft, we have partnered with the online security firm of Trusteer to offer a free download of their Trusteer Rapport software. Rapport works with your existing firewall and anti-virus protection and is easy to install and use. Rapport is also entirely transparent and does not require you to change the way you work or sign into websites.

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Protect the connection between HarborOne Banks Online Banking site and your computer against common online threats. The green arrow signals that you have logged into HarborOne Bank’s genuine Online Banking site and not a website claiming to be Online Banking.

Trusteer Rapport creates a secure tunnel between your keyboard and HarborOne’s Online Banking platform to minimize the risk of your information captured by an outside party. Rapport works alongside your existing firewall and antivirus solutions to provide added protection to your HarborOne Bank Online Banking session.

Trusteer Rapport is free for you as a customer of HarborOne Bank, is easy to install, and has an unintrusive user interface. It enhances the security of the browser when you connect to HarborOne’s Online Banking platform by verifying that the connection with the web site is direct and encrypted to prevent “man-in-the-middle attacks.” The security software validates the Online Banking web site you see is hosted by HarborOne Bank, thereby reducing risk of sending information to phishing sites.

The user interface is designed to be as simple as possible.  An icon is added to your browser’s address bar, and when you connect to HarborOne online banking platform, the icon will turn green.  When you visit sites that do not use Trusteer Rapport, the icon browser will be gray in color.  The icon is for your information only and does not require any action on your part. If you require any assistance using the software, please visit the Trusteer support page.

By downloading and installing Trusteer’s Rapport Software, you agree with and accept all of Trusteer Inc.’s terms and conditions for use of the Rapport Software. HarborOne Bank is not associated with Trusteer Inc., Trustee, Ltd. or any of their affiliates. HarborOne Bank is making Trusteer’s Rapport Software available free of charge solely as a service to its customers and the bank is not responsible for, and does not guarantee, the effectiveness, content, services or operation of Trusteer’s Rapport Software. All problems, questions or concerns regarding Trusteer’s Rapport Software should be directed to Your access and use of the Rapport Software is also subject to the online banking services agreement between you and HarborOne Bank.

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