Corporate Giving Program

At HarborOne, we have a long standing belief that investing in the communities where we live and work enriches us all. Through our Corporate Giving Program we provide support to local organizations across the southeast region that align with our areas of focus.  HarborOne Bank’s priority investment areas include programs or projects that promote educational opportunity, provide basic human services, encourage health in youth and families as well as community organizations or civic-minded projects that enhance the quality of life around us.

Request Requirements: Please submit all contribution and sponsorship requests in writing to the address below one month prior to the event or start date of the program. The following information should be included in the request.
  • Contact information and Tax ID #
  • Date of event or program
  • Description of event or program
  • Impact on beneficiaries of the program
  • Due dates and specs for collateral materials
  • Note any past funding relationship and contacts at HarborOne
  • W-9 is required

Due to the volume of requests, organizations typically only receive funding from HarborOne Bank only once per calendar year

Eligibility Guidelines: 

Priority will be given to requests that align with the Bank’s priority investment areas as highlighted above.

Although there are many worthy endeavors, the Bank does not support the causes listed below.  
  • Individuals including those seeking scholarships, fellowships, or sponsors for a particular cause 
  • Alumni organizations 
  • Animal related causes e.g., rescue societies 
  • Beauty pageants 
  • Organizations designed primarily for lobbying, Political Action Committees, candidates, and lobbying 
  • Travel, including conferences, seminars, tours and student trips 
  • Organizations for which program services are contingent on participation in religious services or events or adherence to religious doctrine. 
Please send all requests in writing with supporting documentation to:
Jennifer White
Vice President Community and Public Relations
Community Relations
HarborOne Bank, 770 Oak Street
Brockton, MA 02301