Message from the CEO


Dear Friends:

This time of year is full of transitions, especially for so many of our customers whose families are preparing to send a student off to college for the first time.  We understand the impact that college expenses can have on a family’s finances, and that’s why 2018 will mark the third year of our one million dollar commitment to our ONECommunity Scholarship Program.  This program provides twenty high school graduating seniors each with a $5,000 scholarship to a 4 year college.   I am so proud that we offer the largest and most impactful scholarship program in the state.  Our celebratory reception for the recipients and their parents each June is one of the highlights of our summer.  Click here to learn more and hear from past winners.

Our commitment to financial education for young people doesn’t stop at scholarships.  Our team of “Caring Crew” employees is out volunteering at local High Schools, with a full schedule of “Credit for Life Fairs” throughout southeastern Massachusetts. These fairs introduce teens, often for the first time, to the importance of budgeting, saving, and having to make real life financial decisions based on a particular job and salary.  Each year, the teens finish the mock “reality fairs” with a better understanding of what they need to do to take control of their financial futures.  We take pride in bringing these learning opportunities to life.

As always, our commitment to our customers is the focus of everything we do, every day.  I find our work particularly rewarding when that commitment earns us the “Regional Gold Award” in the 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards as the #1 Community Bank in the region.  I’d personally like to thank all of you who voted for us!   

Finally, we’re busy at work this spring preparing some “Remarkable” offers for both longtime customers and for those of you who might be brand new to the HarborOne family.  Stay tuned for announcements on our website.
Thank you for choosing to do business with us here at HarborOne Bank. 

James W. Blake

Chief Executive Officer