Message from the CEO

To Our Customers:

I am humbled and excited to be appointed by our Board of Directors as HarborOne’s President and CEO. I follow in the footsteps of Jim Blake, a highly respected innovator within the New England banking community whose exceptional leadership and tireless efforts over his twenty-five years as CEO resulted in transformative change and growth for this company. Over the last 18 years I’ve had the privilege of serving with Jim, first as HarborOne’s CFO, and most recently as President and COO. Jim’s guidance, passion, leadership, and commitment to serve has made HarborOne what it is today. I intend to continue his legacy, and lead a team dedicated to delivering exceptional banking products and services for our consumer, small business, and commercial banking customers, and serving the needs of the communities that we call home. On behalf of the entire company and the Board of Directors, I thank Jim for his outstanding service to our customers. Jim will continue to provide mentorship and leadership as a member of our Board of Directors.

I am energized to serve as the steward of the phenomenal culture and company that we have built at HarborOne. We stand apart from our competitors in our commitment to growing a bank that treats our customers, employees and communities according to our core values: integrity, teamwork, respect, trust, and accountability. These values are the foundation of our mission, and they will continue to be the foundation of our success.

I take great pride in how our Bank has met the challenges of a world that is changing faster than ever before. We remain focused on innovation and adaptability, as we move forward into an increasingly digital marketplace. Our newest solutions meet those challenges head-on:

  • “One2One”, our online appointment setting feature that allows customers to schedule a personal banking appointment either in-person, on the phone or via Zoom, meeting customer demands with utmost convenience.
  • “BusinessONE,” our brand new online lending platform, that will set small business owners up for success by providing them quick access to the funding they need to fuel their own business growth.
  • “HarborOne U Financial Education Center,” our brand new personalized, online education platform that helps individuals gain skills and build confidence in their financial choices. This service fills a true void in our community by providing financial education that is accessible and convenient to all.
  • A focus on helping customers shift to utilization of their mobile wallet for a convenient and secure alternative to carrying around cards and cash.

HarborOne is a great company with a strong heritage and vision for the future, run by a talented and committed group of people who, each day, embrace their collective commitment to strengthen and empower the communities we serve. I look forward to guiding our future success.

Kind Regards,

Joseph F. Casey, President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph F. Casey
President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO Joe Casey