Community Sponsorships and Donations*

*For donations under $2,500

Through our Community Sponsorship and Donation Program, we provide support 
to local organizations across the southeastern MA, Greater Boston and RI that align with 
our areas of focus. 

HarborOne Bank’s priority investment areas include programs or projects that promote 
educational opportunity, provide basic human services, and support access to safe and 
affordable housing as well as civic-minded projects that enhance the 
quality of life around us.

Making a Difference in our Communities

Request Requirements

HarborOne no longer accepts mailed or email requests. Please submit all requests electronically through our online portal. Completed online applications are reviewed at the end of each month. Funding decisions are made on available resources and the degree to which the application meets HarborOne’s priorities and funding criteria. All organizations will be notified via email if the request is approved or denied.

Timing: Please note that the review process will take place at the end of each month, organizations should plan to submit sponsorship request at least one month prior to event and plan accordingly as it may take 6-8 weeks to receive funds.

Information an organization will need to complete on-line request: PDF Preview of Application

  • Contact information and Tax ID #
  • Date of event or program
  • Description of event or program
  • Demographic data of individuals served
  • Due dates and specs for collateral materials
  • Note any past funding relationship and contacts at HarborOne
  • W-9 Form with a revision date no older than 2018 is required

To access our online Sponsorship/Donation Application, please submit a request below:

Submit Request


Due to the volume of requests, organizations typically only receive funding from HarborOne Bank once per calendar year. We ask that organizations who possibly seek funding for multiple events throughout the calendar year to bundle and submit one request.

Eligibility Guidelines

Priority will be given to requests that align with the Bank’s priority investment areas as well as geographic service area, which includes southeastern Massachusetts, Greater Boston and Rhode Island.

Although there are many worthy endeavors, the Bank does not support the causes listed below.

  • Individuals seeking scholarships, fellowships, or sponsors for a particular cause
  • Alumni organizations
  • Animal related causes e.g., rescue societies
  • Beauty pageants
  • National health related organizations
  • Organizations designed primarily for lobbying, Political Action Committees, candidates, and lobbying
  • Travel, including conferences, seminars, tours and student trips
  • Organizations for which program services are contingent on participation in religious services or events or adherence to religious doctrine.