Please Read Carefully

When opening a deposit account online with HarborOne, applicants have the ability to fund all new account(s) during the application process. As such, multiple funding options are available. Each product has a maximum amount for the initial funding, however, funding limits are also set by the type of funding method with a system maximum limit of $500,000.00. Refer to the product chart below.

ProductMaximum Funding $
Savings/Money Market$25,000.00
Certificate of Deposit$500,000.00

Please refer to the chart below for options associated with each funding method.

Funding MethodDescriptionsTimeframesLimits
Transfer from an existing HarborOne Checking or Savings AccountTransfer funds from an existing HarborOne accountFunds are available once new account has been approvedLimited to the available funds in the existing account
Debit/Credit Card*Use any Debit or Credit Card to make the initial deposit . We accept, Visa, MC & DiscoverFunds will be available 2 business days after the new account has been approvedMaximum funding is an aggregate of $1000.00. This may post as a Cash Advance against your card.
Transfer from another Bank Checking or Savings Account**Transfer funds from an account at another financial institutionFunds will be available 2 business days after you accept and register the trial depositsMaximum funding is limited based on the product being opened. Please refer to the table above.

*When making the initial deposit with a credit card the transaction may be processed as a Cash Advance. This may incur added fees and interest charges. Please refer to your card agreement processor.

**Funding is provided using the ACH (Automated Clearing House) method. HarborOne will make several trial deposits into the originating account, you (the applicant) must then return to the application (using the link within an email) to verify the correct deposit amounts. Once the deposits are correctly verified, the account will be opened and funding will be made within 2 business days.