Small Business

HarborOne is focused on helping small businesses grow and prosper, and our programs are geared specifically to meet their needs, including:

  1. Planning for a Healthy Business
  2. Personal Credit & Banking Services
  3. Budgeting & Financial Basics
  4. Marketing Your Brand
  5. Managing Cash Flow

Success for Small Business (SSB) is a program developed to assist existing and start-up small business owners and provide guidance on how to operate a small business successfully. The classes listed above are offered in a one-day boot camp or two-evening program format and is offered in multiple languages.

Social Media Marketing: Having an on-line presence is vital to the success of a business. We will show you how using the internet to connect and engage with your customers will help you grow your business.

Personal Enrichment and Life Stage Information

Understanding that growth and personal development go beyond financial and business education, we offer a variety of other programs to help people navigate through life’s many hurdles including, but not limited to:

  • Job Search Tools and Techniques

  • First Time Home Buyer

  • College Planning

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Social Security and Medicare Benefits

Financial Education Programs

We believe that you’re never too young to learn how to plan for your financial future. The most critical work we do is teaching youth financial literacy in our local communities. Our programs are available “on demand” at schools, day-care centers, libraries, teen and community centers, as well as for Girl and Boy Scout badge requirements. From our “Piggy Bankers” program for children ages 3-6; “Saving Makes Cents” for children ages 7-11; and “Savvy Shopper", "Savings & Budgeting", "Credit Wise", "Who Wants to Be a Money Smart Millionaire” for ages 12-20, youth of all ages learn basic skills to help shape good money habits for life.

Adult financial education is also available. Financial Success and Financial Well-Being provide information on how to create and maintain a budget, prioritize spending and focus on the things that are most important. Following the workshop, one-on-one coaching is available to those looking to develop a plan to achieve personal financial goals, improve a credit score or increase savings. One-on-one coaching is available in multiple languages. 

For a complete schedule of upcoming classes, please vist our website:                      


For more information or to schedule a financial education program, call us at 508-895-1300 or email us at

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