Young Adult Financial Education

HarborOne U® provides financial literacy programs to students of all ages; from pre-school to college. We can create a curriculum that is geared toward the specific needs of your students and will travel to schools in the community. For more information or to schedule a program please email us at

Banking Basics: Types of accounts, debit cards, check writing & register activity, what you need to open an account.
Pay Yourself First: The importance of saving money, benefits of a savings account and setting financial goals.
Credit Wise:  What is credit? Responsible use of credit, credit scores and credit reports.
Smart Shopper: Comparison shopping, using coupons, shopping on a budget, etc.
Balancing Act: Budgeting/Spending Plan activity. When given a random occupation, students choose how they will spend their money and see if they can live within their means.
Millionaire Game: Capstone Activity – Interactive “Game Show” that tests students on lessons learned in a fun way. All students have the opportunity to participate and win prizes.

Professional Development

Employer Expectations: Learn what employers are looking for and expect when they hire new employees.

Interview Skills: Learning the key elements to effective interviewing. Interactive mock interview discussions and role playing.