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Home Equity Products

Considering applying for a home equity line of credit or loan? Below is some additional documentation we would request after your application is submitted.

Additional Documentation

If you are a salaried employee:

  • Pay stubs-copies of your most recent stubs (past 30 days)
  • W-2 forms-copies for past year
  • Work history-explanation of employment gaps of 1 year or more

If you are self-employed or receive rental income:

  • Tax returns-copies of personal and business tax returns from the past 2 years for each business, including all schedules
  • Other sources of income

If applicable, we will also need:

  • Documentation from additional sources of income (e.g., Social Security Awards Letter, leases and recent tax returns for rental income.)

We may also request:

  • Homeowner’s insurance statement evidencing annual premium and dwelling coverage
  • Mortgage Statement and/or escrow
  • Trust agreement-if applicable
  • Life Estate agreement-if applicable

Once the Loan/Line of Credit is approved

  • Insurance Binder
  • All individuals on Deed must attend closing regardless if they are on the loan or not

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is best if you need access to a revolving line of credit to meet your needs as they arise.

Need to:

  • Purchase a Principal Residence OR
  • Refinance an Existing HELOC secured By Your Principal Residence
  • Consolidate Debt, Make Home Improvements, or Future Needs

Purchase a Principal Residence

Fixed Rate Loan Conversion Option

Fixed rate loan conversion allows you to convert a portion or all of the outstanding line balances into a fixed term loan. This option is only available on new home equity line of credit applications received on or after 2/1/19.

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Consolidate Debt, Make Home Improvements, or Future Needs

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