• Payments will be paid electronically or by paper check. 
  • Payment method will determine when your payment is withdrawn from your account. 
  • Check Issued: The system will issue a paper check and mail to the payee, Funds are withdrawn from your account when the payee cashes the check, similar to any other check you may write
  • Electronic: Funds are withdrawn from your account when the electronic payment posts to the merchant. 
  • Assign different default HarborOne checking accounts to each individual payee. (Must make a payment to the payee for the default account to save)
  • Payment confirmation will display when and how the funds will be delivered (check or electronic)
  • Payments can be scheduled for the date when the payment should be received.
  • Requires minimal information to link bills. Login with your user ID and Password for each payee is no longer required
  • Setup auto payment for amount on ebill as sent by the merchant
  • Access a PDF copy of the invoice for those bills you have chosen to receive through paperless method from your biller
  • Extensive merchants now available
  • Payee added/modified
  • eBill due
  • eBill account changed
  • Payment due/past due
  • Payment sent & posted
  • Expedited payment sent/posted
  • Payment failure due to NSF
  • History will now carry over for 12 months
  • You can review the payment history for a specific payee
  • Payment status displayed prominently on main bill pay screen so that you know when your payment was received
  • Payment Inquiry – If you have a question about a payment that was processed, select that transaction from the activity for that merchant and click the Payment Inquiry link. A HarborOne representative will answer your question by a Secure Message within your online banking.
  • Last Payment Time – Some payments may be scheduled as late as 10:00 PM EST. The calendar will display the appropriate eligible payment date based on the merchant cut off time.
  • Expedited Payments – some merchants are eligible for a rush delivery or overnight check delivery. These options will be presented at the time you are setting up the payment. Fees will apply.
Funds are not held once the payment is made, as noted above funds are withdrawn when the payment is processed, please ensure you maintain sufficient funds on the date the payment is due. Insufficient funds fees will apply.
  • All of your reminders, pending payments, and recent payments are located in one screen. You no longer need to navigate multiple tabs
  • Payees can be sorted and grouped into categories created by you
  • You can hide categories for infrequently made payments
  • Stop payment – Payments with a status of pending can be cancelled. Check Payments can be stopped through your online banking account. Fees will apply.
  • Payment notes can be placed on the payment for personal use and are not shared with the payee
  • Add a memo to your payment and it will be delivered to the payee
  • Quicken/Quickbooks users that download information to their computer will not be impacted
  • Account Nicknames – If you had a nickname on your account this is now displayed under the merchant’s name.  Our new service allows you to group the merchants in any category you choose.

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If you have any questions or need help, please contact us at 800-244-7592 Option 4, 24 hours.