Money Transfers

Pay a Person

Quickly and securely send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere without knowing their personal banking information.

Key Features:

  • Use confidential security question and answer combination
  • Receiver notified via email or sms text and claims the funds by answering security question and entering account information
  • Save payee information for convenient recurring payments
  • Make secure paperless payments up to $1,000 after you click on and access the Pay It Now tab. For the first 30 days you will be limited payments up to $500

Getting Started is Easy:

  • No Enrollment Necessary
  • Simply log into Online Banking or through our mobile app and use the “Pay a Person” item on the menu bar
  • Your HarborOne accounts are automatically linked as funding accounts because they’re already linked to online banking
  • Funds are deposited directly into the Receivers’ account that they entered when claiming funds

Internal Transfers

Our Internal Transfer Service enables you to transfer funds to other individuals who have accounts at HarborOne. Maybe it’s a friend, or one of your children, or another family member. Internal transfers are the best option when someone needs money immediately; once the transfer is made, the money is available.

External Transfers

Our External Transfer Service allows you to transfer funds to and from your accounts at another bank. No more withdrawing and depositing cash, or writing and depositing checks. Who has the time, and who needs the hassle?