Remote Deposit

HarborOne’s Remote Deposit service allows you to make check deposits right from your office computer. Simply scan checks into a desktop scanner attached to your computer and transmit them to HarborOne for deposit into your account.

In addition, you can easily upload deposit records to update your account receivables. You can even scan checks from multiple decentralized locations for deposit to your main HarborOne account.

Remote Deposit is simple to use and includes extensive reporting capabilities. And best of all, Remote Deposit is extremely secure, with multiple security levels and segregated user access. So make your deposits the most convenient way possible – right from your office.

Benefits of Remote Deposit

  • Saves time by eliminating trips to the bank to make deposits
  • Eliminates courier costs and reduces employee liability
  • Improves the availability of your funds by enabling you to make multiple deposits throughout the day and offering an extended 4:00 PM deposit deadline
  • Allows you to avoid “hold-over” work – deposits can be transmitted 24/7
  • Saves you money by allowing you to consolidate banking relationships. Deposits can be made from any of your business locations, no matter how far away they are located.
  • Is simple to use:
  • Step-by-step instructions are provided
  • Online help and customer service call support is available
  • Safeguards within the system eliminate duplicate deposited items, out-of-balance deposits, and more

If you would like to apply for Remote Deposit service or learn more, call James McIver at 508-895-1280 or email him at