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Success for Small Business (SSB)

Assisting existing and start-up small business owners

Success for Small Business (SSB) is a program developed by HarborOne to assist existing and start-up small business owners by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to help their business grow and prosper. Topics include:

  1. Planning for a Healthy Business
  2. Personal Credit, Entities & Banking Services
  3. Marketing Your Business
  4. Budgeting & Financial Planning
  5. Using the SSB Workbook

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SSB Loan Program

Loan amount $5,000. For business owners who successfully complete HarborOne's Success for Small Business (SSB) program. Loans may be provided to start-up businesses. Funds not intended for refinancing. Loan subject to credit approval. Flexible and innovative credit underwriting considered. To request your SSB certificate, after completion of the 5 recordings, please email us at info@harboroneu.com.

SSB Eligibility Form
SSB Eligibility Form
Deposit Solutions
Deposit Solutions
Cash Management
Cash Management
Business Plan Template
Business Plan Template

SSB Affiliate Partners

HarborOne Bank has partnered with the following affiliates to offer graduates of their small business accelerator training programs the opportunity to apply for HarborOne’s $5,000 SSB loan without also having to complete HarborOne’s SSB education curriculum.

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  1. Complete HarborOne U’s SSB program or affiliate partner accelerator training program
  2. Check SSB eligibility
  3. Start the application process today!

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