Business Services

At HarborOne, we want to get to know our business customers and take the time to understand the needs of your business. We can offer you the necessary flexibility with our products and services. We provide a full array of business checking, savings and loan products, including Lines of Credit, Term Loans, and Overdraft Protection.

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As of May 11, 2018, FinCEN’s new Beneficial Ownership Rule requires financial institutions to identify and verify the identity of the beneficial owners of all legal entity customers. For more information, read our Q&A. You can also download the new form here that will be required when opening a new business account or applying for a business loan.

Business Credit Card

At HarborOne, we’ve partnered with VISA to offer a Business Credit Card that meet your needs. It’s easy to select the one that meets your needs and apply today.

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Business Visa Check Card

Use the HarborOne Visa® Check Card to make purchases at over 14 million Visa locations worldwide. For your convenience each transaction is automatically deducted from your HarborOne checking account. Plus, you can use your Visa Debit Card to get cash at thousands of ATMs worldwide.

Payroll Services

Reshape how you HR with Deluxe HR Solutions, powered by the Deluxe People Platform.

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Cash Management

Cash Management services assist with maximizing and safeguarding a company’s cash flow. Cash management accelerates the collections process and efficiently manages disbursements to maximize funds critical for your daily business operations.

  • Business Mobile Remote Deposit - Use your smart phone to deposit checks to your business accounts. Deposit limits can be customized for each client.
  • ACH Origination Debit/Credit (electronic transfer) - Allows you to move funds electronically. Pay your vendors the next day. Pull funds from your clients to time your receivables.
  • Positive Pay - Mitigate fraud on the checks you write. You provide your issued check information and the Bank compares that list to the check that post to your account. If your checks match, they post to your account. If they don’t match, we present you with an exception that you need to decision with pay/return.
  • ACH Block/Filter - Block all ACH transactions from hitting your account. Block debit only, block credit only. Filter the ACH transactions posting to your account. Filter on ACH Company ID, SEC code, dollar amount, etc.
  • Account Recon - Review account information to reconcile accounts on a daily basis. Paid Item reports, Outstanding Item reports allow you to reconcile daily rather than waiting until your month end statement arrives.
  • Lock Box - Process payments faster, use a dedicated PO Box to receive your payments and payment information. All items picked up from the PO Box will be processed on the same day. Deposits are made to the Bank and the remittance information is send directly to you so you can update your AR information.
  • Escrow Services - Full tenant/landlord account processing.
  • Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) - Avoid manual transfer of funds from account to account. Dedicate a primary account and attach as many secondary accounts to the primary as needed. Transfers are done as each account needs funds.
  • Loan Sweep - Attach your Line of Credit (LOC) to your Operating account. Funds are advanced from the LOC if your Operating account needs funds. Automatically pay down your line when your Operating account has excess funds.

Security for Your Accounts

We offer the latest and most effective security measures to keep your accounts safe.

  • Real-Time Alerts – Provides superb security by eliminating lag time between transactions and alerts
  • Online access security – Lock access to your online account by an IP address or based on time of day, adjust your limits or restrict access to external banking features
  • Secure Tokens - We offer secure tokens as added enhanced security to access areas within iBanking
  • Positive Pay - This service allows you to upload a file of all issued checks on your HarborOne checking account.  As the checks are presented for payment (either at a branch or thru nightly processing), the system verifies these against your file.  Any exceptions can be reviewed to prevent fraudulent checks from being presented against your account.

Telephone Banking

By using HarborOne Bank Telephone Banking, your business will have quick access to account information. You can make Telephone Transfers, receive Online Banking support or quickly connect with a Customer Service representative to answer your questions. By calling 1-800-244-7592, our quick, easy menu options will allow you to speak with an experienced representative or use the 24-hour Automated Telephone service.

Bank at Work

Bringing banking to the Workplace!

HarborOne wants to help our business customers give your employees the convenience of banking right where they work. This program is offered to the employees at no cost to the company. To receive the many benefits of Bank at Work the employees must have direct deposit (net pay) or a payroll deduction (portion of net pay) to an active account at HarborOne Bank.