As HarborOne Bank completes its online banking upgrade, it is critical that customers using either Quicken® or Quickbooks® modify your settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. For detailed instructions on working with the appropriate software, please select from the chart below the link to your product. To complete these instructions, you will need your login credentials for the HarborOne Online Banking service.

It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. If you do not, your service may stop functioning properly. The process should take 15–30 minutes.


Quicken and QuickBooks





Windows 2012-2014

Mac 2010

Mac 2005-2007


Windows 2012-2014

Mac 2012-2014


FAQs about Quicken/Quickbooks

Question: Will I be able to use Quicken for IPad or Microsoft tablet?

Answer: Quicken offers a mobile app available for download (Android/iOS) in connection with Quicken for Windows 2013+ mobile/cloud services.  The app is not a standalone only product.  The Quicken and QuickBooks desktop products require a supported version of Windows or Mac OS.

Question: If I have the desktop version and the tablet version that goes along with their desktop will it work?

Answer: There is no reason to expect an issue with the Quicken mobile app. The Intuit group (fi.iuntuit.com) technically does not support the app. They are focused heavily on the Quicken/QuickBooks desktop applications and their OFX services while assisting with aggregation topics in product through our support channel.  In the unlikely event that Quicken mobile doesn’t work, Quicken provides limited support and often related to security issues affecting all aggregation; Mint, Express Web Connect, QBO.